• Top 5 Easter Crafts

    Easter is a great time of year. Spring is springing, flowers blossoming and the sun shines. It's also a great excuse for some really fun crafts (like we need an excuse!) So, as it's Easter, we thought we would show you our top 5 favourite crafts for April.

    Bunny Ears Crown

    Easter is never complete without the Easter Bunny. No rabbits in your household? No problem! Let the kids run wild this Easter with their very own bunny ears crown. These look amazing and they're so easy to make, let KidSpot show you how here.


    Hanging Blown Easter Egg

    Christmas isn't the only time to hang decorations. These beautifully decorated eggs can be hung anywhere, look fantastic around the house and the best part is, you can use old craft materials from around the house to decorate them anyway you want! Have a look at how KidSpot have decorated theirs here.

    Taken from


    Top Tip: Blown Eggs - We love decorating eggs for Easter, but it's such a shame when all your hard work is wasted because the eggs go bad. With this simple trick you can hang your perfectly decorated Easter eggs without worrying about them rotting.

    Honey Bunny Bookmark

    Our next Easter craft idea comes from none other than Martha Stewart. These bookmarks are ridiculously  cute and can be used all year round. Simply download the template, find the cutest picture of your little one (no age limits apply) and get sticking! See the step by step tutorial here.

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    Wine Cork Chicks

    This is the perfect, simple craft that can be made with craft materials you have around the house. Adults, you get to enjoy this craft too. Why? Well, for this one we'll need some wine corks. Once you have the wine corks, crack out the yellow paint and get crafty! This method is great for Easter cards, egg decoration... basically anything you can think of. You could even use material paint and create some cool t-shirts. See the simple tutorial from Crafty Morning here.

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    Sock Bunnies and Chicks

    Spring is the season to see all the cute baby animals - so why not make your own. A simple variation on the traditional sock puppet from Martha Stewart, these cute sock bunnies and chicks make for a fun Easter craft. Chances are you have the materials lying around the house too! Whether you choose to send them as gifts or display them around the house - we know you'll have a lot of fun making them! See the simple tutorial here.

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    Whether you're rolling eggs down a hill or having the family over, Happy Easter!

  • Art Ideas: Mother's Day Crafts

    We love Mother’s Day. The flowers, the tea and breakfast in bed and of course all the fun crafts we can do with the kids. We’ve come across some great activities we know you will be desperate to try this Mothering Sunday.

    These amazing Butterfly Window Decorations come from Emma at The Mini Mes and Me. We love this as your kids can be as free and creative as they want! The use of cellophane means that it's really simple to hang the finished butterfly from the window for some awesome colours when the sun comes out!

    cellophane window decorations



    Our next idea is from Laura at Little Stuff. She found these amazing magnetic polaroid frame and we adore them! Perfect for Mother’s Day, fill the frames with pictures, drawings and memories - and there can be a little message on each frame! You can read more from Laura’s blog here.

    Taken from



    Do you and your little ones have green fingers? Well, this next activity will be right up your street. Courtesy of Cathy from NurtureStore, this is a great idea to decorate any old pots you have lying around the house.

    Taken from



    So what should you put in your newly decorated pot? Flowers of course! Christine from Thinly Spread has written a blog on how to create these amazing paper hyacinths. These are a fun alternative to live flowers - and they last a lot longer!

    Taken from



    Let’s face it - Mother’s Day is all about the flowers, but Cerys from Rainy Day Mum has a really amazing, creative alternative. What about a cork printed flower tote bag? This is really simple to make and looks brilliant.




    Now that the nights are getting lighter, we all have more time to sit outside with friends and family, but the fun doesn’t have to stop when the night does come. Emma from My Little 3 and Me shows us these great tin can lanterns look great and are really simple to make!

    Taken from



    Are your kids more artsy than craftsy? Then we have two amazing projects to show you! The first comes from Anna at The Imagination Tree. These stuffed heart collage cards are beautiful and not just for Mother’s Day. Hang them on the wall or create pocket sized ones and carry them everywhere.

    Stuffed Heart Collage




    Our next project is perfect for the future artists out there. These Van Gogh mini masterpieces look so much fun to make. Lina from Cookies and Cwtches, we thank you for showing us these!

    Taken from



    Maybe you are looking for a few different ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day crafts? Jen from Mum In The Madhouse and Maggy from Red Ted Art have come up with these list of amazing crafts for you and your kids this Mother’s Day.

    We love these arts and craft ideas and hopefully you will have an amazing day making them. Whatever you are doing this sunday… Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Creative Spaces for Kids at Home

    10 Interior Design Tips for Kid's Playrooms:

    Today on the blog we bring you some tip top interior design advice from Gabriella of to help transform your children's room into a creative space like no other. With a focus on colour and vibrancy, creativity is sure to flourish in spaces like these!

    You can read more of Gabby's interior design advice here.


    1. Get Design Inspired by Your Kid’s Hobbies

    skateboard bedroom decor

    Image Source

    Let your children’s hobbies and passions be your main interior design inspiration for their space.


    2. Let Your Child’s Paintings Steal the Show

    girl with articulate gallery

    Create an amazing and colourful gallery wall filled with all your child’s framed artwork.


    3. Design a Whimsical and Monochrome Themed Tepee Play Area

    monochrome tepee

    Image Source

    Build a cosy and stylish tepee for your kid’s to play in (we especially love a monochrome theme for this, which is very unexpected, but gorgeous, for a children’s play area).


    4. Make a Chalkboard Accent Wall

    Chalkboard wall

    Image Source

    Use chalkboard paint on one entire wall in your child’s playroom. This fun accent wall will allow your kids to get really creative and even write on the wall!


    5. String It Up!

    Stringing Decor

    Image Source

    As a fun and creative alternative to artwork, drape multiple layers of string on your wall and attach your child’s arts and crafts. (Tip: mix in string, bunting, or tassels for an added colour pop).


    6. Combine Colour Pops with Classic Pieces

    Grown Up Colorful

    Image Source

    For your “tween” who is growing up so fast, but still a kid… mix classic furniture pieces with pops of colour to create a “grown up” kid’s desk area.


    7. Get Creative with Wallpaper

    Polka Dots

    Image Source

    Wallpaper is such a stylish interior trend, but when it comes to your child’s room, there is no better place to go all out and have fun!


    8. Let Your Kids Steal the Show

    Kids Picture as Artwork

    Image Source

    Instead of displaying pictures of your kids in small frames around their room, use one amazing and creative photograph of them to act as a large scale art piece of its own! Your child will love seeing their picture up and it is sure to be a conversation starter.


    9. Get Creative with Decals

    Whimsical Wall Decals

    Image Source

    Use whimsical wall decals to add a sense of playfulness to your child’s playroom!


    10. Get Creative with Storage

    Fun storage with crates

    Image Source

    Don’t limit storage to just your drawers! Create an easy access storage wall for your kids out of colourfully painted crates. This will add a creative and practical design element to their room. (This is super inexpensive too!).

  • An Interview with Stephanie Corfee

    KidsCollabo-SALESET1 The above images are all collaborative pieces with children! Aren't they wonderful?

    We are thrilled to bring you an interview with a super talented artist all the way from the USA (Malvern, Pennsylvania, to be precise), Stephanie Corfee. We wanted to know all about her creative process, inspiration, and advice for any young budding artist out there. We also fell a little bit in love with all the colourful pieces on her website (who wouldn't?), some of which we are delighted to share with you in this post.

    1. How did you get started?

    I started making art as a child, like most of us. But my start in selling my work was a long time coming. I did work for hire for friends and family first, that expanded into friends of friends and at some point, the referrals I was getting were too far removed from my circle to know where they'd come from. that's when I decided to open an Etsy shop selling my prints and some originals, some commissions... it's all grown from there.

    2. Where do you take most of your inspiration from?

    I am inspired by pattern and color combinations I see in décor, textiles and such. I really like stumbling upon interesting combinations of muted and bold colors. I also love old block prints and Far East architecture and fashion. For my more whimsical and kids art, I think my influence is more a feeling. I like a controlled chaos. Lots of color and random pattern, but traditional emotion and themes.

    3. What piece are you most proud of?

    Oh my gosh. It changes daily. Isn't your most current piece always your favorite? I am really liking some of my looser and experimental acrylics right now, like Bursting Heart. In watercolor, I like the word-based decorative paintings I've been turning out like Shine, Dream and Oh Joy (pictured below)! I think they really represent me. S-Corfee-shine-WM_sm DreamALittleDream-WC_sm OHJOY-WM_sm

    4. Who is your favourite artist of all time, and why?

    Another impossible question! I admire many of the masters, of course. But I'd rather choose a modern artist. Even then, there are so many! I do love the work of Mary Ann Wakeley. I feel that she has a freedom with color, a fearlessness with negative space and a real mastery of communicating a sketchy rawness in her work, that somehow does NOT translate as unfinished, but rather, just... vulnerable. She's pretty great - and local!

    5. Do you have any advice for our budding artists?

    I always say the same thing to this question. MAKE ART EVERY DAY. Make art every chance you get. Don't be without your sketchbook. The more art you make, the less precious any one piece will be and that is freeing. Once you feel free... the good stuff really starts emerging.

    Also, use nice art supplies. They don't have to be the tippy top of the line, but when you aren't struggling against the medium, the work just flows much easier. Make your own rules. It's great to learn proper technique. I recommend it! But then, don't be afraid to mix and match and experiment.

    Have fun. The best pieces always develop from the sessions where you have zero expectation and just have fun. : )

    Bursting Heart

    Visit Stephanie's website here, and connect with her on Twitter.

    Images are copyright Stephanie Corfee 2014 and used with permission.

  • Pottery Barn Kids Give Back

    New Bright Space in San Francisco

    We were delighted and proud to have recently been able to contribute in a small way to a wonderful community project in the USA by donating some of our Articulate Gallery frames to Pottery Barn Kids.


    Image Source


    Compass Children's Center in San Francisco was renovated by PBK in partnership with Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, helping to bring a touch of magic to a space that supports families facing extreme poverty or homelessness.

    Read all about this tremendous and worthwhile project here.

  • Articulate Gallery Launches in the USA

    USA Flag

    After seven successful years in the UK and European markets the team at Articulate decided it was time to go Stateside.

    We officially launched the newly designed slot-sided picture frames into the US Market at NYNow, a trade fair where the retailers chose product to fill their shelves. We had a very successful show and The Articulate Gallery was met with a great deal of enthusiasm and quite a lot of excitement.

    Girl with Articulate Gallery

    The Articulate Gallery can now be found on, and on its own US Web Shop.

    The Single Gallery will be available in Pottery Barn Kids for the holiday season and the range launches on The Daily Grommet on the 1st of October.

    We are working with a number of other retailers and will be sure to be coming to a store near you soon.

    photo credit: arbyreed via photopin cc

  • Art Ideas Blog Nine: 3D Father's Day Gift Idea

    Leave your dad in no doubt about how you feel this Father's Day (June 15th) with this gift idea that literally jumps out at him! Grab your craft supplies and get ready for our Father's Day Art ideas blog...

    What you'll need:Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, what you need

    • Scissors
    • Coloured pens
    • Glue stick
    • Red Tissue paper
    • A4 paper (any colour)
    • 1 sheet red A4 paper
    • 1 sheet of card



    Step 1:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step one

    Begin by sketching out the shape of a heart - remember not to make it too big as you have to fit other words on the page!

    Then, using the scissors, carefully cut the heart out.

    Step 2:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step two

    Cut your red tissue paper into lots of small pieces and scrunch them up into little balls. Then, using the glue stick, stick the tissue paper balls onto the surface of your heart shape.

    Step 3:

    From the card, cut two long strips about 2cm wide.

    Place them over each other to create an 'L' shape.

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step three part one

    Then proceed to fold them over each other alternatively until there is no paper left to fold and you've got a zig-zaggy origami spring. Glue the loose ends on both sides of the spring together so that it doesn't fall apart.

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step three part two

    Step 4:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step four

    Stick your newly created spring onto the centre of the back of the heart, ready to be attached to the finished picture.

    Step 5:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step 5

    After attaching your heart onto the coloured A4 paper, use the coloured pens to write your message to Dad. Be sure to use bold colours and outline in black to make sure the words stand out.

    Slide the completed craft into an A4 Single Gallery Frame and hang on the wall in all its springy glory - dad will be sure to '<3' it!

    Have you tried this? Let us know in the comments below or post your photos to our Facebook Page.

  • Father's Day Giveaway

    Father's Day Facebook Competition


    To celebrate Father's Day on the 15 of June 2014, we've launched a Facebook Competition to giveaway a fabulous A4 Single Gallery Frame.

  • Art Ideas Blog Eight: Origami King Tut Mask

    Unique Children's Art Ideas

    May 9th was the birthday of a certain Howard Carter, the British Archaeologist famous for discovering the tomb of King Tutankhamen – or King Tut for short! When thinking of some Ancient Egypt-inspired kid’s craft ideas to mark this special birthday we made a discovery of our own over at - an amazing origami King Tut mask that would fit perfectly in an A4 Single Gallery Kids Frame!

    Blog, Tutankhamun mask (Marcela Brina) origami

    In true Articulate style, we dug out our colouring pens and got to work excavating our very own version of King Tut. We finished the craft off with some cool hieroglyphics to make it extra authentic.

    P.S This one’s a little tricky so mummies (not the Egyptian kind) may be required to help!

    Have you tried this Craft Idea? Let us know in the comments below or post your photos to our Facebook Page.

  • Happy Birthday Salvador Dali

    Celebrating Creativity

    Salvador Dali

    photo credit: zigazou76 via photopin cc

    Today (11th May) marks the birthday of the weird and wonderful Spanish artist Salvador Dali. The colourfully named Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marqués de Dalí de Pubol (Salvador Dali for short!) was born on May 11 1904 in Figueres, Spain, and died on January 23 1989.

    Best known and loved for his surrealist artwork and ridiculous facial hair (see above!), Dali delighted the art world with his wonderfully wacky paintings and sculptures that constantly pushed boundaries and challenged the norm.

    Whilst his art was critically acclaimed, the eccentric Spaniard was know to irritate many who claimed that his crazy antics devalued the art that he created. Despite this, he remained un-swayed. He would regularly be spotted with his pet Ocelot, a dwarf leopard, rarely paid restaurant bills, choosing to draw on them instead, and communicated in a confusing concoction of French, Spanish, English and Catalan!

    Indeed, Dali was one of the greatest artists ever to have graced this planet… and didn’t he know it! Here’s Salvador Dali on Salvador Dali:

    ‘Every morning, upon waking, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali, and I ask myself, wonderstruck, what prodigious thing will he do today, this Salvador Dali?’

    If none of the above has sparked your interest in our favourite Spanish surrealist then we just don’t know what will!

    You can even check-out one of his most famous pieces right here in Glasgow. Dali’s ‘Christ of St John on the Cross’ hangs resplendent in the city’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and is a must for any art lover.

    Happy Birthday, Salvador; we salute you!

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