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  • Fundraising with The Articulate Gallery

    Let us help you resource your very own fundraising art exhibition for your school, community or uniformed group.


    The aim of fundraising with The Articulate Gallery is to:

    • Boost the self-esteem of the children involved in your fundraising exhibition

    • Celebrate the creativity of your children and your staff or volunteers

    • Underpin elements of the creative and expressive arts in the curriculum... and in an enterprising way

    • Raise the profile of your school or group in the local community

    • Raise money for your school or group through the sale of the framed artworks.


    What The Articulate Gallery offers:

    • A fund-raising price for A4 and A3 slot-sided picture frames to create your own gallery exhibition – with £5.00 off RRP per frame to the school that can go straight into funds when it is sold at full RRP during your exhibition

    • Some guidelines for setting up and making the most of your exhibition

    • Ideas to promote your exhibition in the local community, to families and the local press.

    Making the most of your Articulate exhibition:

    • Create an event that needs only one set-up but can feature the work of the young artists in a variety of ways i.e. P1 to P3 on Tuesday, P4 and 5 on Wednesday and P6 and 7 on Thursday

    • Choose to theme your art exhibition in a way that complements another curriculum areas, i.e. eco-school, healthy and active lifestyles, diversity, local history, portraits of your community, etc.

    • Photograph the artworks and create a virtual gallery on the school website after your exhibition has closed

    • Choosing the most popular twelve artworks, create a limited edition calendar for sale at the end of the autumn term and in readiness for the new year

    • Choose a key festival or national event to complement i.e. the Olympic Games, the Golden Jubilee, the Commonwealth Games, The Big Draw, etc.


    Summary - your fundraising potentials:

    • Sell the artwork and the frame to the pupils’ families

    • Encourage a local business to sponsor the exhibition

    • Entry price to the exhibition opening to include a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage and nibbles, just as you would expect at a traditional exhibition opening

    • If families don’t wish to purchase the frame then sell the pupil’s artwork individually

    • With larger or donated creative, art or design items have an art auction or raffle

    • Auction artwork created by the teaching staff as a bit of fun too.


    Get in touch for further information - Fill in our contact form or call +44 (0)141 416 4105

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