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  • I Can't Draw

    The Big Draw is an independent UK charity and festival which raises the profile of drawing as a tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. The campaign has created a new regard for the value of drawing to help people see, think, invent and take action.

    Its long-term ambition is to change the way drawing is perceived by educationalists and the public. This has won support from leading practitioners in the creative industries and in art, architecture and design colleges, signalling an overdue realisation that drawing is fundamental to the training of students in these key disciplines. But the campaign takes a wider view too; it sees drawing as a basic human skill useful in all walks of life. And at Articulate, we fundamentally agree.

    A key event in the campaign year is The Big Draw. What started as a day-long event, is now a month-long (and stretching) festival of creativity each October. We joined their Facebook page recently and have been inspired and overwhelmed by the variety and volume of workshops, classes, exhibitions and participatory arts events the length and breadth of the country.

    This year hundreds of thousands of people joined in The Big Draw events run by national and regional museums and galleries, schools, community centres, libraries, art clubs and village halls.

    New for 2012 is the Creative Schools Award which will go to the most imaginative and engaging event held in a school. You can see previous examples of prize-winning and other inspiring programmes at Drawing in Action.

    But don't wait till October ... pick up a pen, a pencil or a crayon and go on ... draw BIG, draw NOW.

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