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  • February Scottish Art News Round Up

    Astrid Jaekel's Rose Street Poem of the Season

    A Quick Recap

    February has proven to be an interesting and exciting month for Scottish art news. Here's a quick rundown of what has been happening in the Scottish art world this month.

    Remembering Kurt SchwittersFebruary scottish art news round up, Kurt Schwitters

    photo credit: Cea. via photopin cc

    The Herald writes of a new major exhibition at Tate Britain recounting a dark, yet fascinating time in British History. An internment camp on the Isle of Man housed hundreds of Germans who sought to escape persecution from the Nazis, only to find themselves held as prisoners in Britain.

    However this particular camp had an art studio, with many of the inmates artists deemed as degenerates by the Nazis. One such artistic inmate was Kurt Schwitters, a visionary artist who had an important impact upon the British art scene.

    As the article states, "Schwitters's impact on British art in the immediate post-war era was profound, resonating with artists from the pop generation of Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi to artists working today."

    The Scottish son of the camp commandant, Hubert Daniel, revealed to the Herald how it was his father's determination to let the artists work that allowed them to flourish. Peter Daniel, now 88, travelled from his home in the Scottish Borders to the Tate to see the Schwitters exhibition, which owes its existence, in part, to the kindness his father showed to those captive artists.

    Peter said: "My father didn't have to do what he did, but he did, fortunately. Perhaps because he survived the first world war and maybe he had a certain sympathy for the underdog.

    "He found them materials, gave them space, a studio, allowing them to meet and talk and generally get on together. They were all academics and artists fleeing the Nazis.

    "The studio was rough-and-ready, made out of a half-constructed house. They were able to convert it into a studio."

    Budget Cutting in Moray

    February scottish art news round up, Budget Cutting in Moray

    A number of prominent Scottish artists and creatives have voiced their concern and opposition to the Moray Council's decision to cut its entire arts budget, writes Andrew Eaton-Lewis in the Scotsman.

    Kevin McKidd told his Twitter following that it was “a disgrace” whilst painter and playwright John Byrne thought the decision was “outrageous".

    Yet, as Andrew notes in the article, this is not an isolated incident. Local authorities have a history of deciding not just to reduce arts funding but to stop funding the arts entirely.

    However this concerning trend has made its way north of the border for the first time; Moray is the first council in Scotland to do it. It may not be the last - Stirling Council is debating whether to cut grants to the MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling Writers Group, Artlink and Art Forum, and close art gallery the Changing Room.

    Stirringly Andrew suggest those of us who care for the arts not sit idly by and let this happen; "Every time a council stops funding the arts entirely, though, the principle that the arts should be publicly funded – in the name of civic pride, social unity, and universal access to a whole world of potentially life-changing ideas and possibilities, or just for the economic benefits – is further eroded. If that matters to you at all, stand up against what is happening in Moray, in particular. Otherwise your town might be next."

    Brighten Up The Meadows

    February scottish art news round up, Brighten Up The Meadows, Astrid Jaekel

    Another story in the Scotsman, this one a little more uplifting.

    Astrid Jaekel (pictured above) is keen to tackle a long-standing problem of graffiti by bringing some colour back to the Meadows.

    The Edinburgh College of Art tutor is keen to erect panels on the ScottishPower substation at Middle Meadow Walk, featuring snapshots of life in the area.

    Her work can already be seen brightening up the MacDonald Roxburghe Hotel on Rose Street.

    She said: “There is a rich history in this area and I think this project would help celebrate that while also solving the graffiti problem.”

    Her proposal is to be discussed at Barclay Viewforth Church at 7.30pm on March 18.

    View more of Astrid's work here.

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  • Discover Scottish Art with Art Tokens

    Just stumbled into the new Art Tokens website and completely fell in love with the company.

    At Articulate we believe that the arts and artists belong at the centre of your lives whatever your age or stage. And though, like Picasso, we believe that 'every child is an artist' we also know that contemporary arts and artists enrich our lives in immeasurable ways.

    The website is brilliant, it lays out so many options for developing your interest, knowledge or collection in a way that is accessible and affordable. There are great artistic gift ideas for your own home as well as the homes of friends and families.

    Unlike a lot of other art sites we have encountered the contemporary arts seem within your grasp with Art Tokens.

  • Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas

    Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Fathers Day Crafty Tie Snake

    5. Crafty Snake Tie from Make and Takes. Although it's a Father's Day gift idea on the Make and Takes website, this would work equally as well as a fun little Chinese New Year craft project!

    Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Chinese paper lanterns

    4. Chinese Paper Lanterns from Jellyfish Jelly (update: Sadly this link is broken. Here's another great paper lantern tutorial from Paper Kawaii using paper cups!). Such a great effect for something so simple to make! They look very pretty hanging up too.

    scary paper dragons, Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas

    3. Scary Paper Dragons from Naturally Educational. Ah! Oh so scary, oh so simple. Any excuse to put googly eyes on something is also a bonus.

    Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Chinese dragon puppet

    2. Chinese Dragon Puppet from Free Kids Crafts. We absolutely love the effect created here with such simple and easy to find materials. Did you know the dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Chinese culture?

    Top 5 Chinese New Year Craft Ideas, Toilet paper snake roll

    1. Toilet Paper Roll Snakes from eighteen25. Again, we can't pass up the chance to stick googly eyes on something. Add that to the fact that this is the perfect excuse to recycle those old toilet rolls and you can't go wrong with this fun-filled craft activity.

    Have you tried this? Let us know in the comments below or post your photos to our Facebook Page.

    Check out our Eco Gallery Frames! Perfect for schools and families who value their kids’ artwork as well as the environment, they can be easily decorated and proudly display some Chinese New Year artwork for an extra special take-home gift.

    Have a Happy Chinese New Year from The Articulate Gallery!

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