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  • Art Ideas Blog Nine: 3D Father's Day Gift Idea

    Leave your dad in no doubt about how you feel this Father's Day (June 15th) with this gift idea that literally jumps out at him! Grab your craft supplies and get ready for our Father's Day Art ideas blog...

    What you'll need:Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, what you need

    • Scissors
    • Coloured pens
    • Glue stick
    • Red Tissue paper
    • A4 paper (any colour)
    • 1 sheet red A4 paper
    • 1 sheet of card



    Step 1:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step one

    Begin by sketching out the shape of a heart - remember not to make it too big as you have to fit other words on the page!

    Then, using the scissors, carefully cut the heart out.

    Step 2:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step two

    Cut your red tissue paper into lots of small pieces and scrunch them up into little balls. Then, using the glue stick, stick the tissue paper balls onto the surface of your heart shape.

    Step 3:

    From the card, cut two long strips about 2cm wide.

    Place them over each other to create an 'L' shape.

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step three part one

    Then proceed to fold them over each other alternatively until there is no paper left to fold and you've got a zig-zaggy origami spring. Glue the loose ends on both sides of the spring together so that it doesn't fall apart.

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step three part two

    Step 4:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step four

    Stick your newly created spring onto the centre of the back of the heart, ready to be attached to the finished picture.

    Step 5:

    Blog, 3D father's day gift idea, step 5

    After attaching your heart onto the coloured A4 paper, use the coloured pens to write your message to Dad. Be sure to use bold colours and outline in black to make sure the words stand out.

    Slide the completed craft into an A4 Single Gallery Frame and hang on the wall in all its springy glory - dad will be sure to '<3' it!

    Have you tried this? Let us know in the comments below or post your photos to our Facebook Page.

  • Father's Day Giveaway

    Father's Day Facebook Competition


    To celebrate Father's Day on the 15 of June 2014, we've launched a Facebook Competition to giveaway a fabulous A4 Single Gallery Frame.

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