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  • Creative Spaces for Kids at Home

    10 Interior Design Tips for Kid's Playrooms:

    Today on the blog we bring you some tip top interior design advice from Gabriella of to help transform your children's room into a creative space like no other. With a focus on colour and vibrancy, creativity is sure to flourish in spaces like these!

    You can read more of Gabby's interior design advice here.


    1. Get Design Inspired by Your Kid’s Hobbies

    skateboard bedroom decor

    Image Source

    Let your children’s hobbies and passions be your main interior design inspiration for their space.


    2. Let Your Child’s Paintings Steal the Show

    girl with articulate gallery

    Create an amazing and colourful gallery wall filled with all your child’s framed artwork.


    3. Design a Whimsical and Monochrome Themed Tepee Play Area

    monochrome tepee

    Image Source

    Build a cosy and stylish tepee for your kid’s to play in (we especially love a monochrome theme for this, which is very unexpected, but gorgeous, for a children’s play area).


    4. Make a Chalkboard Accent Wall

    Chalkboard wall

    Image Source

    Use chalkboard paint on one entire wall in your child’s playroom. This fun accent wall will allow your kids to get really creative and even write on the wall!


    5. String It Up!

    Stringing Decor

    Image Source

    As a fun and creative alternative to artwork, drape multiple layers of string on your wall and attach your child’s arts and crafts. (Tip: mix in string, bunting, or tassels for an added colour pop).


    6. Combine Colour Pops with Classic Pieces

    Grown Up Colorful

    Image Source

    For your “tween” who is growing up so fast, but still a kid… mix classic furniture pieces with pops of colour to create a “grown up” kid’s desk area.


    7. Get Creative with Wallpaper

    Polka Dots

    Image Source

    Wallpaper is such a stylish interior trend, but when it comes to your child’s room, there is no better place to go all out and have fun!


    8. Let Your Kids Steal the Show

    Kids Picture as Artwork

    Image Source

    Instead of displaying pictures of your kids in small frames around their room, use one amazing and creative photograph of them to act as a large scale art piece of its own! Your child will love seeing their picture up and it is sure to be a conversation starter.


    9. Get Creative with Decals

    Whimsical Wall Decals

    Image Source

    Use whimsical wall decals to add a sense of playfulness to your child’s playroom!


    10. Get Creative with Storage

    Fun storage with crates

    Image Source

    Don’t limit storage to just your drawers! Create an easy access storage wall for your kids out of colourfully painted crates. This will add a creative and practical design element to their room. (This is super inexpensive too!).

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